Tihi Yrs 7 – 10

Ma tatou, taitama, ma tatou, e hine ma

E hapai, tautoko nga taumata korero.

Let us young people strive for knowledge that will, in time, become wisdom with age and experience

Welcome to the heart and soul of our kura.  It is important that students are empowered to feel positive in their own identity through their connection to the land and their environment by being active participants in the school community, Panguru community and the wider community of Aotearoa.


Our Goal

Our goal as teachers of our Kura Tihi, is to create a safe and enjoyable learning environment that caters for every type of learner.  We aim to facilitate the learning of our students helping them reach their full potential and challenging them to be ‘the best they can be’.  Our students will aim to strive towards attaining Matauranga, Arotahi, Ngakaunui and Ahi Kaa recognition under our kura motto of MANA . Students will be supported to reach goals through exposure to a range of learning experiences that are engaging and cater to their needs.

We will endeavour to grow responsible digital citizens who can operate with both skill and integrity in the digital world that is such a big part of, not only the world today, but also the world of their future.  We aim to develop young people who are articulate and confident learners, able to utilise and share all their skills and talents and who actively look for ways to develop and improve.

Classroom Programmes

Both classes will maintain regular literacy and numeracy programmes however, our programme does become more integrated throughout the year based on local and school wide kaupapa. You may not see the same thing happening in each class at the same time meaning the work then becomes more relevant and authentic broadening students perspectives.  

We aim to develop their skills of inquiry not only by maintaining a solid literacy and numeracy base but also by encouraging our students to think more creatively, critically making connections between reading, writing and kaupapa studies.  We hope to empower them to become independent, life-long learners making influential decisions to becoming role models for the future of our people.

Ko te taumata

Kia toa tatou, kia manawanui

With perseverance may we achieve our visions, ambitions and dreams