Taumata Yrs 1 – 6

Ko te taumata kia toa tatou, kia manawanui!
With perseverance may we achieve our visions, ambitions and dreams!

Welcome to Kura Taumata
Where dreams are created!


Our goal for our Kura Taumata is to provide a safe, stimulating, fun and high quality learning environment that meets the needs of all of our students where children are given a range of opportunities to become passionate, positive, proud and appreciative active learners, participants and conscientious contributors in a Maori and Global world.

Underpinning the NZ Curriculum our students are encouraged to:

  • Participate and contribute – through being involved, taking on leadership, giving things a go then sticking to them and working cooperatively
  • Communicate positively- through languages, symbols and texts. Students are encouraged to become confident speakers and attentive listeners using both English and Te Reo Maori. Every student is expected to present a speech during our School Manu Korero in Term 2.
  • Manage self – through increasingly learning to be independent, organised, honest, showing loyalty and friendship, trying their best, self care, self-control and demonstrating value of self.
  • Develop creativity- through developing their original ideas, using imagination and innovations, use literacies, the arts and thinking to make, shape and create something original. In Kura Taumata we encourage every student to appreciate and love the arts, from music to dance to Visual Art to the Performing Arts. Every child is expected to learn waiata and to play an instrument. The Ukulele has become an integral part of our music programme as we attend the NZ Ukulele Festival held in Auckland at the end of each year.
  • Be open to learning – through being reflective, setting goals, building thinking skills, problem solving strategies, being encouraged to be a risk taker, to challenge themselves and taking responsibility for their own learning.

We love to celebrate our children, their achievements and the learning they do. We have reading incentives to encourage our students to read at home and a MANA award system where students are given certificates each week for working towards the MANA criteria.

Ko te taumata, ko te taumata. Kei ngaro i te tirohanga.
May we never lose sight of the heights, summits and peaks of life.