Paerangi Yrs 11-15


We have some of the highest achievement rates in NCEA qualifications in the Far North. 2015 was the only year since 2012 that we have not had 100% achievement in all three Levels.

In Kura Paerangi you will be specialising in chosen fields of study with resolved expertise.

The first four weeks of learning whilst at school will be a collaborative approach designing IEP’s or CAP’s (individual learning programmes) based on your interests, passions and career aspirations with our facilitators of learning.

Facilitator Quote

We will ensure that you include numeracy and literacy requirements for Level 1 and that your CAP is aligned to Vocational Pathways Awards at Level 2. University Entrance and Level 3 will include making sure that your CAP enables you to achieve course endorsements in as many areas as possible.  

You will be learning how to learn effectively, research in various ways & how to write quality essays. Instead of being ‘given’ information, you will learn methods to find the information yourselves using a range of tools & sources. At times it will involve doing things that paper & computer can not. This way we know that our students are prepared and will succeed no matter  their career choice & no matter their circumstance.

Students will design their learning programmes using current and relevant research, promoting collaborative learning cultures. Some websites to reference are and